Many people are concerned about the impact tourism has on communities and landscapes previously untouched by outsiders. At Turning Point Travel we are very aware of the effects (both positive and negative) that visitors may have on the areas that we travel to. This is especially true for our particular destinations, many of which are only recently opening doors to newcomers.

Our desire is to only offer tours that benefit local communities and ecosystems, so our relationship with partners on the ground is one based on trust and respect. As such, we offer a further dimension, whereby visitors may contribute to improving the lives of their hosts through a VolunTourism approach.

VolunTourism is based on the concept of service: service by you (as guests) to communities you visit (hosts). This may take the form of helping improve the built environment, cultural interaction between guests and hosts, educational adventure travel, and more. The basic idea is that the guests volunteer time or money to improve the destination and/or the lives of the people in that given destination.

Turning Point Travel can offer a variety of Voluntourism options. If you have an idea regarding something that you want to achieve, we can organize tailored itineraries with as much or as little time volunteering as you desire. Please contact us to discuss.