How to sign up and join one of our expeditions

Step 1 : Select the trip that best fits your interests.
Step 2 : Fill in and submit the basic information requested on our online Pre-Booking Questionnaire.
Step 3 : Receipt of our Pre-Booking Questionnaire will be confirmed via email.
Step 4 : Based on the information you provide on the Pre-Booking Questionnaire, the cost of your tour will be determined and communicated to you via email.
Step 5 : If you agree to the cost given and the proposed payment schedule, download the Tour Booking Form, fill in the questions asked, scan and email to : contact@turningpointtravel.com.
Step 6 : Upon receipt of the Booking Form, you will be sent an invoice requesting payment of 10% of the overall cost of the tour. This Deposit or Booking Fee is to be paid via the secure payment service PayPal. Please note that the Booking Fee will not be refundable after 14 days from the date when it was recieved (see Payment Terms and Refund Policy on this website under Terms & Conditions).
Step 7 : Upon receipt of your Deposit or Booking Fee, your tour will be confirmed. Now you can start dreaming about your upcoming journey!
Step 8 : You will receive invoices according to the progressive payment schedule sent to you with the tour cost quotation.

Your responsibilities
We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage, to protect you against financial losses in the unlikely event of illness, injury, trip interruption, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Please make sure that your passport is valid for six months past the last day of your tour and that you have obtained the required visa for the country or countries featured in your tour.