About Us
Turning Point Travel specializes in organizing unique journeys to some of the most magical, culturally fascinating and spectacularly beautiful countries in the world: Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and the Indian Himalayas.

Resist the Usual
If you're interested in spending an unforgettable holiday in places that most people just dream about, Turning Point Travel can offer the organizational assistance you need.

Share our Passion
We're passionate about promoting amazing destinations to people yearning for an unusual travel experience. As a socially responsible travel company, we are equally passionate about bringing benefit to the communities and individuals we encounter during the course of our journeys.

Guaranteed Authenticity
Turning Point Travel brings you into direct contact with age-old and unusual cultures and lifestyles. You'll witness, and participate in, life as it is lived in a Mongolian ger, a Bhutanese farmhouse, a Sherpa home and a Tibetan monastery.

Excellent Tour Leaders / Flexible Tour Options
Our English-speaking guides are knowledgeable about local customs, geography, politics, religion and more. Their years of experience make them equally adept at handling both private and group tours. Private tours can be customized to suit your vacation time, your special interests and your levels of skill and fitness.

Competent Travel Planning
Working closely with well-established trade partners, Turning Point Travel offers efficient and reliable touring services in exciting but challenging markets where improper organization and handling can undermine what would otherwise be the experience of a lifetime. We pay strict attention to detail, and strive to make your holiday all that it can be … to meet your every expectation.

Trust your Instincts / Follow your Dreams
Book the journey of a lifetime : it'll be a decision you won't regret.